How loud is the Tower?

The Wind & Solar Tower™ generates and estimated 72 dB at a distance of 10 meters.

During operation of the a 36 kW wind only Tower, the Tower generated 72 dB at a distance of 10 meters. That is roughly the noise inside a car while driving 60 mph (see source). We expect the current model Tower to generate a similar sound output.

It is important to note that unlike a horizontal wind turbine (think pinwheel) which transmits sound from the blade tip in a radial pattern (up and down), the Tower’s vertical wind foils radiate its sound on a horizontal plane at hub height. In this case of the 36 kW Tower, a height of <>65 feet.

Moreover, a vertical wind turbine must rotate (point the hub) into the wind. This requirement also generates a vertical sound pattern that traverses along a horizontal plane around the tower axis. This means that vertical wind turbine not only transmit sound downward, they also distribute sound in a radial pattern around the tower. Much like a Vietnam era Hughey helicopter, HAWTs blades (sometimes 150 meter long) are prone to flex and with tip speeds approaching 200 MPH, will at time generate a slapping sound.