Racer/rodder devises a solution for charging all those EVs

The Custom Cars Journal | February 28, 2022

Change Wind Corporation says Wind & Solar Tower provides clean power with a 22-square-footprint

Back in Detroit, Jim Bardia had an eclectic car collection that included a somehow street-legal MG Metro 6R4 Group B rally car and a former ambulance that he painted pink and filled with stuffed animals that he’d deliver to children’s hospitals. He also organized a road rally to benefit a children’s cancer charity.

Oh, and I should mention that he’d make sure the ex-ambulance arrived at its destinations on time, Bardia equipped it with a huge and nitrous-boosted V8 engine.

Bardia had a long history in vehicle modification, customization and auto racing, but he left the Midwest for the East Coast, where he has been an entrepreneur, worked in investing and used his engineering experience to become a patent-holding inventor.  In 2007, he started working on a way to provide renewable energy for a friend’s farm.

The result was a tower that used both wind and solar energy and the creation of the Change Wind Corporation that recently has unveiled the Wind & Solar Tower as a way to provide power to recharge electric vehicles.

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