The Wind & Solar Tower Provides Zero-Emissions Charging

EV charging isn’t as green as you’d think. More than 60% of our electric grid is powered by burning dirty fossil fuels. Using that dirty grid to charge electric vehicles (EV) only adds pollution and greenhouse gasses to the air we breathe.

Change Wind Corporation introduced the Wind & Solar Tower (WST) to provide pollution-free level-4 DC charging for electric vehicles.  According to a statement, the tower provides level-4 DC ultra-cast charging, 328 miles of range in about 15 minutes, and 653,000 miles of pollution-free driving per year.

Made possible by a charger powered by a combination of wind and sun, the WST generates 61.5 kW of pollution-free electricity per operating hour for EV charges or any other use. Because they do not need a grid connection, the towers can be installed in rural and remote locations far from a grid that would otherwise add pollution and greenhouse gasses to the air we breathe. The WST also uses no external water supply, needing only centrifugal force to clean its patented rotating solar panel with fresh morning dew.

Each WST is capable of charging six vehicles simultaneously at Level-4 DC ultra-fast charge rates of 6.333 kW per minute that add about 22 miles of range. To maximize charge rates and number of charges at ultra-high kilowatt and voltage levels, each WST is equipped with integral battery storage ranging up to one megawatt. The WST’s battery-based DC modular architecture accommodates plug-and-play upgrades that assure the WST’s longevity.

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