This EV charging station gets its power from solar and wind | March 3, 2022

One of the big questions of electric vehicle charging, is how green is the energy that’s used to power them? 

It almost seems irrelevant if the energy used to power EV charging stations is as dirty as the emissions of a combustion engine. So, Jim Bardia, an inventor who spent years engineering things like race cars, has come up with an idea to work on a better windmill.

The Wind & Solar Tower is designed on a vertical axis, which spins like a top, rather than a wheel, like what you’d find on a conventional windmill. Added to that is a solar panel that, W&ST claims, improves the electrical output by up to 45%.

This combined energy can generate 169,000 kWh of renewable energy each year, which can produce 965,606km of range for vehicles.

The towers can charge up to six vehicles at a time and have a 1,000 kW battery array built-in, with a grid connection that diverts surplus energy to the grid.

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